Friday, September 30, 2011

The Decision

Today, I bring you a story about my engagement ring. Well, perhaps more of some musings on my engagement ring.

OaG did a stellar job picking my ring. It had been a long time since I had really thought about what kind of a ring I would want. And, even when I thought I did know what I wanted (which was actually a garnet), it turns out that I couldn't love anything more than the one that is on my finger.

It's simple. It's classic. And, it's a rock that, frankly, I didn't expect. I love my ring. What I've come to appreciate more about it, lately, is this: It is the symbol of a decision.

I had always planned and dreamed of being married someday. Like most girls, I facilitated many a nuptial of my Barbies and later on brainstormed accent color choices, cake flavors and play lists for receptions. My parents were a wonderful example to me of commitment and love. I guessed that I'd be married somewhere before the age of 21 (yikes!). When life turned out differently, it threw me for a loop. For a time, I really felt something missing. But, over the years, I grew very comfortable on my own. It's easier that way, I decided. It reminds me of a favorite C.S. Lewis quote:

It's taken some adjusting on my part to think, again, about truly sharing my life and all that I am with someone else. And, on those rough days, when the distance of most of VA and all of KY and MO between OaG and I seems like an ocean apart, I appreciate my ring as the symbol of making that decision to make a change. To work toward being more than I am on my own. To honor my faith, my family and myself. To embrace a future I didn't know was out there.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To Do

Let's see....

  • Ceremony site - Check

  • Reception site - Check

  • Dress - Check

  • Wedding Website - Almost

  • Register - Work in Progress

Still on my mind...

  • Flowers

  • Cake

  • Photos

  • Budget

  • Licence

  • Social Security Change

  • Finish applications to 3 different nursing schools

  • Move

  • Dr. Appt

  • Homework, Homework, Homework

If you're married, what are the things you are SO glad you made time to get right, or wish you had done that you didn't?

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Weekend

I look forward to having a weekend again. For the last several years, my weekend consists of working straight through, because campaigns don't operate 5 days a week and now because I focus on classes during the week and catching up on work hours over the weekend. I dream of a day that my Saturdays are filled with freshening up the house and then fun time and my Sundays truly a day of rest.

This past weekend was especially trying for me. I worked overnight on Friday and Saturday nights. My body doesn't adjust well to switching up my sleep schedule, mostly because I can't sleep during the day. In addition to the weird hours, I've been fighting a cold. It isn't a terrible one. Just enough to make me feel weak and tired, and grumpy.

It got me wondering how in the world I would manage the same situation in my new life to come. Readers, what are your tricks for getting through hectic schedules and feeling under the weather and still be a present member of your family?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Barely Famous

OaG popped the question on 9/11/11 - The 10th anniversary of 9/11. It helped to make a new memory out of what has been a difficult day for me for the last ten years.

One of the experiences we had that day, out in Shanksville, happened to be while a journalist was talking to us. He wrote for the French News Service and his story carried us to readers in Canada, Qatar and the web. You can read it here (you'll have to excuse the misspelling of OaG's name). I tend to believe there was Providence at work to make this happen.

Here are a couple pictures from that day

One of the nooks in the memorial for momentos

The field where the plane went down - it will stay as is and accessible only by family members of the passengers and crew.

A few past writeups having to do with that day:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Reason

I will delve into many other aspects in coming posts, but I want to make one thing clear from the beginning. There is one thing (or person) that makes this whole crazy adventure worth attempting. Meet my fiancee, hereafter known to this blog as Officer and a Gentleman (OaG).

I wasn't expecting to meet someone right now. And, I certainly didn't plan to make these kinds of changes in my life. But, sometimes life does that to you.

He's the unexpected person I feel like a team with, not only in getting things done, but in looking to the future. He makes me feel incredible. He's accomplished in his career. He's one heck of a dad. He's the reason this all seems possible.


Right now, I'm in the middle of a semester of nursing school. I work 20-30 hours a week. I serve in my church. I just got engaged, and that means planning a wedding, a move, a transfer of schools and preparing to completely live a different lifestyle.

So, what did I decide to add to my plate? A blog. Here's hoping this is a forum for processing my thoughts. I hope you will join along. I'll need your comments.