Monday, September 26, 2011

The Weekend

I look forward to having a weekend again. For the last several years, my weekend consists of working straight through, because campaigns don't operate 5 days a week and now because I focus on classes during the week and catching up on work hours over the weekend. I dream of a day that my Saturdays are filled with freshening up the house and then fun time and my Sundays truly a day of rest.

This past weekend was especially trying for me. I worked overnight on Friday and Saturday nights. My body doesn't adjust well to switching up my sleep schedule, mostly because I can't sleep during the day. In addition to the weird hours, I've been fighting a cold. It isn't a terrible one. Just enough to make me feel weak and tired, and grumpy.

It got me wondering how in the world I would manage the same situation in my new life to come. Readers, what are your tricks for getting through hectic schedules and feeling under the weather and still be a present member of your family?


  1. Isn't that the constant struggle? Just realize that you can't do it all, that's my only advice!

  2. What a fantastic question! I don't know if I have any brilliant answers, but perhaps just taking one day at a time can help make it more manageable. Live in the present perhaps, and remember that you won't be in school forever. Don't be too hard on yourself, too!