Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To Do

Let's see....

  • Ceremony site - Check

  • Reception site - Check

  • Dress - Check

  • Wedding Website - Almost

  • Register - Work in Progress

Still on my mind...

  • Flowers

  • Cake

  • Photos

  • Budget

  • Licence

  • Social Security Change

  • Finish applications to 3 different nursing schools

  • Move

  • Dr. Appt

  • Homework, Homework, Homework

If you're married, what are the things you are SO glad you made time to get right, or wish you had done that you didn't?


  1. The only thing you will keep {besides your man, of course} are the pictures. So get a good photographer.

  2. Where are you getting married? I think the most important thing is making sure you assign someone to the details on the day of the wedding so that you can just enjoy yourself.

  3. Ditto on the good photographer. You don't get that day back! Make sure their personality meshes with yours. Do you want one with "set-up" pictures, or more of a "photojournalist" type that takes a lot of spontaneous/in the moment shots? Or a combo? Good luck!

  4. You know to me the cake was not all that important. I got mine from HEB bakery (grocery store) and it was great and WAAAY cheaper. My sister in law took my pictures for free and I would say to make sure you take the TIME to take the pictures. It is a VERY busy day but you really do have to take a lot in order to get the ones you LOVE. So it's worth it.

    What I would do differently are maybe the invitations. I bought a kit to make them myself. I printed out the message on really thin (almost tissue like) paper and it kept jamming in my printer. Also I had ribbon to tie the thin paper to some beautiful recycled paper that had pressed flowers but it was a HUGE pain in the butt and took forever. It would have been worth it to do something much simpler.

    On the flowers to save money, I only got 3 real arrangements. On the tables I just had a vase and put one single gerber daisy in each. Saved TONS of money.

  5. I am with the others on the pictures and am really, really glad we made time afterwards to make a classy wedding photo coffee table book from Snapfish I believe. That was so easy to do and so incredibly worth it. We gave it as a Christmas present to my parents and they absolutely love it. Also, have someone be in charge of the little details, someone with the personality of a go-getter/can-do attitude. My sisters took charge of the little things really well and didn't have to keep coming back to me to ask about how it should be done, they just did it and were awesome.

  6. Ummm we eloped :) of course it was to the temple but eloping none the less.

  7. Getting a good photographer was the best thing we did to plan our wedding. I mean that.

    Second best was probably telling our moms that we just wanted to get married and if they wanted a reception, they could plan it. :)

  8. Oh, and I had no expectations of a "perfect wedding" day, so I was able to just go with the flow, be deliriously happy, and laugh at the memories later. For me it was better to worry less about the details and just enjoy it then to try to make it all perfect, or expect it to be a certain way and then be stressed and disappointed.

  9. I am with everyone on the photographer front. So glad that was the one thing we splurged on.
    I wish I hadn't stressed SO much. I worried about such little, insignificant things. I often wish I could have a wedding re-do, just so that I can forget about all of that stuff and focus more on enjoying it all. It all works out whether we stress or not, so might as well not stress. It all comes together, and even if it isn't perfect, it's still the best day ever, so who cares! So just enjoy it!