Tuesday, October 18, 2011

*Hold Music*

I've been pretty stressed and overwhelmed the last week or so. So, while I restrain myself from airing my stresses here, I bring you more pictures from last week's visit.

It's been established that pics of the kids are ok. I just need to come with aliases for them... Hmmm.... My dad called me and my sisters #1, #2 and #3. I think I will stick with that pattern. As an introduction to the family, there are four boys and a girl. That's right. #4 is the lone girl. She's a little more than excited to have someone teach her how to crochet. I'm glad I can help her in that regard in her house full of boys.

#3 on the go cart at the pumpkin patch

#3,4,5 on the little train at the pumpkin patch

#4 as a pumpkin

#4,5 helped me make chocolate chip cookies while OaG napped

#4,5 - crazy drivers!

#5 tames the wild tire horse

#5 at the JV football game. He has a thing for American Flags and wanted me to take a picture with my phone of every one he spotted. I convinced him to get in the frame with the flag here.

OaG explaining the finer points of braking in a go-cart to #4

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  1. They look like sweet kiddos and they seem to have taken to you (who wouldn't?).