Saturday, October 22, 2011

Like Sands through the Hourglass...

So are the days of my life.

Our wedding website has many handy features. It allows us to share the "Story of Us" and details about accommodations, times, etc. for the big day. One feature, that unfortunately comes with the template and is not alterable, is a countdown to our wedding day. 55 today, in case you wanted to know. This ever shrinking number on the home page of our wedding website is bittersweet.

The sweet is that I will marry a great man in that many days. I will live a life of "we" instead of "me". I will move. I will transfer schools. It is the official first day of an almost completely new life. It's the day from which point forward, I can fall asleep in OaG's arms, and that is something to look forward to.

The bitter part of the countdown is it serves as a painful reminder that I'm not always meeting my own high expectations. In my dream world, I would be exactly where I want to be in life on my wedding day. But, alas... despite a dizzying pace for the next 55 days, I will still come up short.

By going back to school at this time in life, it means I'll be a college student and a newlywed. I keep doing better on restoring my health, but I will likely not fit back into my goal pair of jeans by wedding day. I don't have the savings I'd like to at this age. Hmmm.... those might be the big three that occupy my mind.

Here's where I could use your comments. Where did/do you want to be in life when you got/get married? What goals were easier to achieve together than alone? How did your wedding day impact goals you had previously or did you develop new ones?

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  1. For me, it was challenging to develop a new routine after being married. You will be meshing 2 lifestyles and you will continue to discover different ways of doing these from year to year. The challenge is, how will you handle those differences? What are you willing to compromise on? How can you be considerate of your spouse if you disagree? It's kind of a constant discussion in our house. I found it hard to devote time for me to read scriptures and pray. I don't know why, it was just HARDER. It's easier to do some things, though, like spending meals together is really nice, etc.